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At Fresh Start Projects Inc we've got your residential needs covered, home additions, renovations and custom homes!

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Additions on your current home are a great way to increase both functionality and value. By making your home larger to suit your growing family, you'll rekindle that love with your

current space.

   With your new space, you won't have to look at moving away from the place you've been calling home. Contact us and lets explore the best addition for your space and budget!

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Custom Homes

Tired of banging your head walking downstairs to the basement. Think no way an addition or renovation could make your home liveable any longer. But you're torn, you love your commute, and the neighbours are great. Your kids are finally in the school you moved there for and you just don't want to move. Maybe it's time to talk about building new. Who knows we might even be able to sell your current house and let the new owners fix that pesky bathroom door that doesn't close...

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Have all the space you need? Maybe it's time to rethink your homes'

original layout.

Could your space be reconfigured to custom fit your lifestyle? Tearing things back to framing and starting over is a great way to see the true potential of what could be. Not to mention an opportunity to bring your home up to todays building standards for both comfort and efficiency. Let's chat about what could be done with your space!

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